Thursday, 5 September 2013

How to wear 'occasion wear' for no occasion

I bought this gorgeous blue lace skater dress from F&F at Tesco to wear to a wedding, and I got so many compliments! Personally I love F&F clothing and have had some great items from there that are still going strong 2/3 years later, such as the purple dress featured in my last post. However, I notice that everyone else is still really surprised when I say that I bought said item of clothing from Tesco, I'm not sure why because they should really be cottoning on to the fact that you can get some stylish and great quality pieces from the F&F range! No matter, it just means that there's even more for me and my fellow F&F lovers!

So, when you have a dress that you love this much, you don't really want to only bring it out to play just once a year on 'special occasions'. I hate the idea that you can't wear your nicest clothes through fear of the 'you're a bit dressed up, aren't you?' comments. Why shouldn't we make every day an excuse to dress up? I do, because I like to make an effort, and I can't resist a cute dress for style and comfort! I'm going back to university in September and I hate the thought that everyone else will be rocking up in their PJ's because the 'dragged myself out of bed' look is in. I'm all about comfort, but you don't have to wear your PJ's and Ugg boots to be comfy!

Anyway, I digress. I want to wear my special occasion dresses and I'm sure other people do too, so here are four ways I've styled my F&F dress to fit into an every day wardrobe!

Wedding - F&F dress, Nude Heels from M&S, necklace from Sainsbury's
Date Night - F&F dress, T-shirt from Matalan, Belt from Peacocks, Wedges from Hush Puppies, Bag from Primark and Necklace from Sainsbury's
Summer Casual - F&F dress, Denim Jacket from Primark, Tan belt from Primark, Leopard Print Flats from Clarks
Work - F&F dress, F&F black blazer, Self Made Skirt, Polka Dot Scarf, Black Croc Mary Janes from Matalan

As you can see, one of my favourite tricks is to turn your dress into a skirt or a top and layer other items over or under it to create a different look. This is especially handy in winter when the more layers, the better!

Oh, did I mention that this dress is now in the sale at only £10? Unfortunately it seems to be sold out online now but I've seen it in my local store. On your marks, get set, goooo!

Tesco Clothing are currently running a competition to win a £25 voucher to spend on their clothing, just tweet a picture of yourself in an outfit featuring an item of F&F clothing with the tag #myFFstyle and following @ClothingAtTesco to win!

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