Monday, 26 August 2013

Dress me up in denim

It's not always possible for me to put an outfit post on because sometimes I work from home and I just don't really leave the house, hence I'll just be slobbing about at home in whatever clothes I find. But when I am going out then I'll try and post my outfits for you! I'm not big on accessories and readers of my sewing blog, Tricky Seams, will know that I am all about the dresses. Once upon a time people would remark if I wore a skirt or a dress and would say that I was 'dressed up'. Now, a dress or a skirt is part of my everyday ensemble and people rarely comment, in fact I get more comments if I wear jeans! I just find dresses easier to style and so much more comfortable than jeans! If I do get comments now they're generally positive comments about how women wear too many trousers now and that they love what I'm wearing. I also get comments on how I have an eye for items that are low cost but don't look like they're low cost, my mum often comments that I manage to find the only nice items in Primark. I think that this is maybe more to do with the fact that I know what suits me and therefore what looks good on me may not look the same on someone else. 

 So here's today's outfit. I'm all about good quality budget fashion but I will pay more for shoes and outerwear, hence my shoes are normally the trendier lines from Clarks or Hush Puppies. I had to have an operation on my toe last year because I had a bone tumour on the outside of my big toe under the nail. The tumour was extremely painful, I had to limp about in an orthopaedic sandal for around a month and my nail has never really recovered, and part of what caused it was wearing ill-fitting shoes. I have wide feet and find most high street brand shoes too narrow, or the soles are so thin it's like walking bare foot on the pavement! So now I'm all about comfort without sacrificing on style, as exemplified by my Hush Puppy 'Gloria' wedges in this outfit.
Please excuse the 'selfie' mirror picture, I don't have anywhere suitable to work the self timer!

Nika coral cross body bag
Close-up of my bag, courtesy of
My dress is a denim shirt dress with polka dots from Primark (Summer 2013 - still in store I believe) and the belt came with it. My bag is a coral cross body bag by Nica (Purchased in 2010). My wedges are Hush Puppies 'Gloria' wedges in tan - still available at Schuh (and are discounted in the silver and black colour) - these are so comfortable and so easy to walk in!
And the phone taking the picture is my HTC One X in White!