Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hot Legs

Yesterday I received a delivery that I was really excited about. I wasn't so bothered when it first arrived because it's something that I'm not going to be able to use for a while yet, and I was a bit 'meh' about it. But then, I opened it and was like, OMG this is the most amazing thing ever! And then spent a little while stroking it. It's not a cat. I wish it was a cat (and a cat is top of my wishlist for my upcoming birthday, so I can be a crazy cat lady), but it's not a cat. It was tights. More specifically, thermal tights.

"Who buys thermal tights in August?!" I hear you cry. Well, me. And apparently quite a few other people since they were out of stock for two weeks (as well as most of last winter it seems) which is why I've only just received them. It may still be the middle of summer to some people, but I think that my perception of when summer changes to Autumn/Winter was changed forever after the events of last year. See, my birthday is in September and I like to go on holiday in September so I combined the two. Unfortunately I went on holiday with what I now know was a ruptured appendix, managed to last the week without going into a Turkish hospital (mainly because I decided I'd rather be in horrendous unimagineable pain than pay the £100 excess to go and see the Doctor... that's money saving people!) but then ended up being admitted to hospital for a week on my return. Unfortunately, in hospital my tan went packing and probably attached it to someone else who could show it off properly, and when I came out a week later it was freezing! I was so cold, it was like I'd missed the end of summer completely while I was in hospital (which by the way, feels like you're in a parallel universe to the rest of the world) and I'd walked out to winter. I'm going on holiday again in September this year (and I will be making up for the lack of cake and ice cream eating and cocktail drinking I didn't get last year) and so in my mind when I come back it's going to be like winter. So I'm already thinking about my poor cold tootsies and how even socks (which I hate by the way, unless they're novelty Christmas ones) don't even warm them up, and I refuse to wear Uggs, I want to wear my cute ankle boots!

Thermal tights for hot legs

So I went googling. And I found these 200 Denier Pretty Polly Fleecy Thermal Tights at MyTights with gazillions of good reviews. I argued with myself over whether £10 was reasonable for a pair of tights. I wouldn't normally pay £10 but all my cheaper tights were either laddering or falling down or just not warm enough, so I decided that if I wanted quality I'd probably need to put my hands in my pockets. Plus, these were super duper leg snuggling tights with amazing leg warming powers, so surely they were worth the money? Then I spent a while questioning whether I'm a S/M or a M/L. Does anyone else have this problem? The packet reckons I'm a S/M at 5'5, yet I know from countless traumatic experiences with tights in the past that if I order a S/M I can only get them as far as my knee, or if I get them up completely there's a dangerously low crotch that leaves me waddling around like a penguin. So I went for M/L and I can tell now that this was a good choice!

These tights are not only incredibly thick, they also really do have super duper leg snuggling powers. I wasn't really convinced that they would be as snuggly as the description said, because generally I find tights disappointing and end up returning to my trusty leggings. But alas, I admit that I was wrong. They have a soft fleecy lining that make your legs feel all snuggly and your feet feel like you're wearing slippers. Now every boot can feel like an UGG while still being trendy! I loudly proclaimed to everyone that would listen that these tights wouldn't leave my legs all winter. And promptly added some extra pairs to my Birthday wishlist.

Now, for those of you that wouldn't consider buying thermal tights in August, I advise you to think again. These were sold out for most of last winter, and so if you don't stock up now it'll be me that's having the last laugh when my tootsies are all snuggly and yours aren't!

And just because this popped into my head as I was writing, and it always makes me laugh! <3

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