Thursday, 29 August 2013

Autumn ankle boots for the chunky calf crew

As our minds wander to Autumn/Fall, and particularly for those of us in the UK, the impending rain, I start to think about how my tootsies are going to stay warm and dry. Autumn/Winter is a time that fills me with dread when it comes to shoe shopping because although my legs don't cause me problems at any other time of year, in Autumn I become acutely conscious of them. I have had to come to terms with the fact that my calves seem to be massively out of proportion to the rest of my body, and by that, I mean that they're huuuuuge! Every Autumn I'm drawn in by gorgeous boots and spend my life grabbing a pair and scuttling into the corner to try them on so that no-one can witness the inevitable moment when I can't get them up my legs. Thankfully the current fashion focus is on boots of the ankle variety and no-one could be happier about this than me! However, there is still an issue with ankle boots, and that's the discovery that flat ankle boots just emphasise my humongous calves, in a way that I do not want them to be emphasised. So it has become my mission in life to find ankle boots that make chunky calves look sexy. And with that, I introduce my favourite Clarks Yarra Desert boots:

I'm sure they're not everyone's cup of tea, but I love them. They're a lovely walnut coloured suede, they have a small wedge, they're amazingly comfortable and they're really versatile. They go with jeans but more importantly for me, they look great with skirts and dresses. The wedge helps to lengthen my leg without being so high that it makes them difficult to walk in. There have been numerous copies on the high street but these are the original and best! They are still available at Clarks and come in some beautiful colours, including a gorgeous petrol blue.
If you're part of the chunky calf brigade, like myself, then I recommend an ankle boot that is low cut and with some form of wedge or heel, dependent on your preference! I've already talked in my previous posts about why I think it's important to look after your feet and wear shoes that will give them the love that they deserve without compromising on style. I love Clarks for comfort and style, and they have some gorgeous ankle boots as part of their Autumn/Winter collection, here are some of my favourites:

Blog post inspired by IFB Project #110: Fall Boots.

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